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My song to our Creator

The rain hides my tears, the clouds shade my fears as the lightning reminds me how fragile life is and how powerful You are. The thunder baffles my pathetic attempt to scream silently that I just wanna go home!

But all the world sees is Your smile on my face as they marvel at the shadow of a man I’ve become as the darkness within gives way to Your glorious and terrifying light that penetrates my soul and sustains me through the storms of life.

I’m my own worst enemy desperately clinging to an anchor while begging You to save me from myself. When will You come back or free me from this world for I fear failing You and I just wanna be with You where its safe from all that is within my fallen state of existence. Every breath is one step closer to life on the other side.

I tell my story to bring You glory and muster up all the joy I can in hopes that just maybe You could use it to make a difference in what’s been left behind. This is my song to You oh God and the cry of my heart is to know You and make You proud. –Josh Steed


2 Responses to “My song to our Creator”

  1. This is AWESOME babe!!! You are so talented in so many ways and I’m so proud of you!!! I love you with all my heart!

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