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My song to our Creator

September 28, 2010

I’m my own worst enemy desperately clinging to an anchor while begging You to save me from myself. When will You come back or free me from this world for I fear failing You and I just wanna be with You where its safe from all that is within my fallen state of existence. Every breath is one step closer to life on the other side.


Losing like winners or winning like losers?

September 20, 2010

I believe there is a question we should all answer when it comes to sports and other competition we may be passionate about: “Would I rather lose like a winner, or win like a loser?” I don’t know anyone who actually wants his or her team to lose games but it will happen from time to time. That’s just life and most people won’t remember the final score years from now, or who the MVP was but they will remember how it felt when it was over. Did you get cussed by some drunk who couldn’t contain his mouth in front of small kids and little old ladies or did the losing fans treat you with respect and dignity? That will last a life time! We should keep this in mind on every level of sports but especially on the pee-wee or high-school level. When coaches and/or parents lose their cool and say hurtful things, most of those memories will last forever. We need to keep the big picture in mind and remember that what really matters is not the final score but how we live. Kids need leadership, love, and a winning attitude. Even when their team loses. My advice for those who just can’t seem to keep their harmful hate filled mouths shut is