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The Incredible (exclusive) Story of One Bad Dude…Joe Brown

August 24, 2010

There were many reasons why I began to question the worldly way of life that our society today is consumed with. I started asking questions to myself such as, “Is their more to life than myself?” “Are my days here on earth already accounted for?” “Do I have a place or person that can take away all my fears?” “Is there more in life, other than football?” “Why don’t I ever have peace in my heart?” Some of these questions are a bit embarrassing, but they give you an idea what God has done in my heart.


Game-Day Preparation

August 16, 2010

Two-a-days are underway. The boys of Friday night are running, blocking, tackling, learning plays, practicing offense, practicing defense, practicing special teams, getting in shape, getting ready for the action underneath the Friday night lights. They are getting prepared. They are working to make themselves useful for the team and the coach so when their name is called and they step onto the field they can make a difference. They are spending many hours each day in the heat and humidity. They are in the weight room and they are on the practice field. Their time and their focus is preparing for those Fall Friday nights. The excitement is building.