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A Lesson from a Cracked Winshield

March 25, 2010

Too many of us Christians have rock-pecks in our windshield that need to be fixed before they spread out and cause much damage. Many of us have cracks in the glass right before our eyes that our loved ones see and try to point out for us but we keep denying it. Others have huge cracks that are spreading all across the windshield right before our eyes and we feel like all hope is gone. Just remember…God can handle the mess you’ve made, He will take that cracked windshield and completely replace it if we will only slow down and let Him have complete control of the vehicle. He created you and He loves you.


YouTube – MrJoshSteed's Channel

March 25, 2010

YouTube – MrJoshSteed’s Channel.

No Clothes for Church Part 3: The Conclusion

March 4, 2010

Basically, if a person dresses up on Sunday to honor God and the same person is honoring God with the way they live, God is pleased with that person. If another person doesn’t feel as if he must dress up to honor God at a church meeting and this person honors God and obeys Him with his life, God is pleased with this person too. God is looking at the heart! He wants us to love Him and to obey Him with our lives. As long as we are not doing things contrary to His Word, He leaves it up to each individual to decide what he or she needs to wear on the outside. Remember…I am not condoning a person who is dressing in an immodest manner but rather a person who doesn’t dress up as nice as some people do to go to a church service. Dressing up is a man-made tradition that doesn’t mean anything to God unless our hearts are in the right place too.